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Chapter 100: We Love It!

Yep. We do. Specifically, I’m referring to St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. When we dreamed about voyaging on a sailboat, St. John is exactly what we were picturing in our minds. It is absolutely gorgeous. Each anchorage is… Continue Reading →

Chapter 99: Now We’re Cookin’!

Current Location: St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We’re slowly circumnavigating this small island, moving from one beautiful beach to the next. Almost all of the island is part of the U.S. National Park System, so it’s great for… Continue Reading →

Chapter 97: Let’s Talk About IT.

(This post not sanctioned by Kim.) That’s right. IT. We know you’re wondering about IT. Well, I know you’re wondering about IT. Kim says no one is wondering, but I know better. Or maybe it’s because, as a pediatrician, I… Continue Reading →

Chapter 95: Puerto Rico!

Let’s be clear: Puerto Rico is NOT a new country. It’s part of the U.S. Look it up. But it definitely has it’s own vibe. We left the Dominican Republic early Thursday for the estimated 30 hour trip to Puerto… Continue Reading →

Chapter 94: About the Food…

“What do you eat on the boat?” It’s a question we get all the time. And I mean ALL the time. The answer is easy: salt beef and hardtack. Just kidding. That was ship rations in the 19th century. Along… Continue Reading →

Chapter 93: The One Where I Go to the Dentist

The Dominican Republic is a foreign country. For us. True, it’s the third country we’ve visited, but The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos didn’t really feel “foreign”. Everyone spoke English and it felt similar to the US. The DR? Not… Continue Reading →

Chapter 91: Questions and Answers

Well, last week we asked for any questions you have about, well, anything. Evidently, we have been oversharing, because there were only a few takers. Nonetheless, we said we would take questions so take them we will. Away we go:… Continue Reading →

Chapter 89: Learning…Always Learning

Never get comfortable. That’s really what I need to learn. Boats don’t want you to be comfortable. Unless you own a superyacht with paid crew-then you can be as comfortable as you want. Otherwise, not so much. What I need… Continue Reading →

Chapter 88: The One With the Lightning Rod

When our son was little, he love a show called “Rescue Heroes”. He watched all the videos over and over and had all the toys and gear. We spend endless hours playing Rescue Heroes. His favorite episode was called “Electrical… Continue Reading →

Chapter 86: Boat Tour!! Part II

As promised, here’s a link to a video tour of the interior of Meraviglia, so you can get a sense of how we live aboard! And the image for this post? Yep, that’s a shark under our boat.

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