Hi! We’re Bob and Kim Stephens

Bob’s a pediatrician. Kim’s a child life specialist and health care executive. Bob’s originally from Cleveland, Ohio and Kim’s from Bridgeton, New Jersey. We met in Rochester, New York. We’ve been married since 1993 and have two grown children. We lived in Cleveland from 1993 until 2009, when we moved to Seguin, Texas. In 2023, we sold it all and started our sailing adventures! We love the outdoors and have hiked extensively in Texas (Big Bend is amazing!), Arizona, Colorado, and Wisconsin. We’re also foodies who love to cook! Italian, Mediterranean, and Indian are our faves. Biggest flex: pasta from scratch. It’s awesome because it’s way better than store-bought, super-easy to make, and everyone is impressed! Yep, we love to eat! Hopefully, we’ll figure out cooking afloat in an imaginative way.